Festival Of Silent Lights

EV Decorating Tips

Light up your EV with LED string lights, SCEVA has a limited supply that you can borrow for the event or you may find them locally or they are available from Amazon.ca 


  • Most Ev’s have one or more USB outlets
  • Or use a USB adapter that plugs into an accessory outlet (cigarette lighter)
  • Or use an inverter, up to 1000 watts that plugs into the accessory outlet. this will allow you to use regular household LED string lights. Be careful to not use more lights than the inverter allows. read the wattage of the string light and compar that to the max watts for the inverter
  • if you don’t have USB or accessory outlets or don’t want to use them, you can get LED string lights that run on AA batteries (available on Amazon too)

Attaching strings to cars

  • Green painters tape has been field tested on many cars and is very resilient even in rain. Green painters tape will not damage your cars paint or chrome. It will stick nicely to glass, paint, chrome and plastic. NOTE it has not yet been tested on a wrapped car!
  • Small strips of tape at 2′ intervals will secure your light strings nicely. It may look a bit patchy in the daylight but when night falls you can only see the brilliant LED’s.
  • Roof racks and tow hitches work great for securing larger ornaments such as a blowup Santa, glowing signs or reindeer antlers.
  • heres some examples:

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