Cold Weather Tips

Written by Erika McLean

charging and precondition

  • plan charging to precondition the battery (warming the battery so it takes a charge more efficiently)

  • keep plugged in overnight, vehicles typically loss some charge overnight and keeping it plugged in will maintain your pre-set charging level

  • still plugged in? heating your vehicle 30 minutes before you leave means the energy comes from the charging system, not the battery

reduce cabin heating

  • even just a degree or two helps

  • use seat heaters, it’s more efficient than cabin heaters

  • heat people not the car!

use eco mode

  • acceleration is slower

  • limits energy supply to cabin heaters

check tires regularly

  • as temperatures fall the tire pressure can decrease

  • best energy efficiency with proper pressure


  • use regenerative braking, it will recharge the battery

  • because the motor slows down gradually regenerative braking may help lessen losing control on icy roads

  • limit frequent and rapid acceleration

  • going faster uses so much more energy, drive safe


  • warmer indoors than outdoors, even at shopping centers

  • park in direct sunlight

Electric vehicles tend to be heavy and drive well in winter, get out and enjoy!

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