SCEVA Executive Committee

For those that may be interested in joining our executive committee, please contact one of the following members:


 John Henderson

      John is the proud owner of a Tesla Roadster (the first Tesla into BC in 2010) and, with his wife, has owned a Tesla Model S and now owns a Tesla Model X.  An early adopter, John also has owned a Segway for over 15 years. John started the Sechelt EV Festival in 2015 and was instrumental in the creation of SCEVA.  John has over 40 years’ experience primarily as an entrepreneur, creating and guiding successful business ventures. A Chartered Professional Accountant, Mr. Henderson has extensive experience doing business in Hong Kong, China and North America. He has held CEO and director roles in public and private companies in North America and Asia, particularly in the areas of online sales, telecommunications, property investment, and international trade.  John is active in the community having served as Mayor of Sechelt, Director of BC Ferries (one of the largest passenger ferry operations in the world),  Chair of the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce and Director of AdvantageBC  (formerly the International Finance Centre of BC.)

 Dennis Olson

      Owner/Manager of Olson Electric in Sechelt for 25 years. Dennis has been on the Board of the Sechelt Downtown Business Association for 25 years. He has participated on various OCP’s, the Downtown Revitalization Committee and Village Residence Associations. He has lived in downtown Sechelt since 1986 and is a strong supporter of the B.I.A. His goal for the downtown is more people living downtown and pedestrian accessibility.  Sustainable energy and fossil free transportation have become the focus of Olson Electric over the years.  Dennis has owned a 2012 Nissan leaf since new and still drives it everyday.  The battery of the Leaf has been charged by solar panels on his home and work place for seven years.  His wife Diana has a 2019 Chevy Bolt.

 Erika McLean

      Since its inception Erika has been active within the association, always willing to exhibit her vehicle and answer questions.  Seven years ago so many people asked about her car that even her 11 year old daughter was able to participate in the conversations.  Now that her daughter no longer requires mom’s taxi, Erika will have to find new excuses to be out enjoying her ride.

 Buddy Boyd

      Buddy is the long time former owner of Gibsons Recycling Depot. Buddy has long been involved in environmental movement and was the first commercial business to add electric pick up and  delivery vans to his fleet of recycling and disoosal vehicles in 2011. Buddy is also a founding member and current board of director for Zero Waste Canada, along with his partner Barbara Hetherington, who also was deeply involved with the Gibsons Recycling Depot as co-owner.  Buddy and Barb sold their business in 2017. But before they did, they were the 1st people in North America to drive their new Chevy Bolt EV from Victoria British Columbia to  St.John’s Newfoundland that same year.  Buddy and Barb still are very active in electric vehicle adoption and helping to implement EV Etiquette protocols. Both Barb and Buddy are currently building a Zero Waste Tiny Home which will be the first to come with a Sun Country Highway Level 2 EV Charger.

 Howard Ashmore

       A recent arrival to SCEVA Howard is a long time businessman on the coast, after he and his wife Patricia purchased their Tesla Model 3 Howard became very interested in helping others gain emissions free travel. Discovering the association at one of their EV meet-ups he quickly became a member and is happy serving on the executive.  As well as webmaster, Howard likes to think of himself as the whatever guy, whatever needs doing he’s on it.

 Allan Harding

      Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Allan cruises around the coast in a black Tesla Model 3. A long time Tesla shareholder and advocate of electric vehicles. He has also pre-ordered a full self-driving tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck. When not investing in companies he can be found training and competing internationally with Team Canada’s shooting team.

        Mieke Bray got her first EV, an electric scooter, in 2005 because she was concerned by the emissions she was producing during her daily commute. Mieke takes care of special events and marketing for SCEVA and is enthusiastic about encouraging more people to get into electric vehicles and growing the community of EV owners. Mieke is also a visual artist; creating projection displays at special events and during gallery exhibits.

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