EV Etiquette

Etiquette at Charging Stations

Signs will be posted at all Chargers on the Sunshine Coast

  1. If you are leaving your car while charging make sure you check
    in using www.PlugShare.com, or leave a note on your car to let
    folks know when you plan to return.
  2. Do not overstay the posted charging time limit. Take what you
    need and move along so others can use the charger.
  3. Be mindful of over use of public charging facilities – ideally,
    charge at home and leave these stations for long distance EV
    travellers and tourists.
  4. Do not park at an EV charger spot unless you are charging your
  5. Keep the charging station clean and tidy! Wrap up charging
    cables neatly and pick up any litter in the area.
  6. Be sure to report any technical issues or damage at the
    charging station if applicable.

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